Experience The Wellness Behind Halotherapy

Laurel Parc welcomes residents to enjoy the cutting-edge amenities on the grounds, including our "Halotherapy" (salt therapy) room. This space offers a relaxing environment for our residents to refresh themselves in 45 minute sessions.


Halotherapy has been used the world over and is renowned for the healing benefits of the salt vapor created during a session. Salt has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that promote whole body wellness, but specifically targets the skin and respiratory system. Through regular sessions, residents may experience improved immune system function while providing relief from stress, anxiety and depression.

Our salt therapy sessions may help residents who are combatting asthma, bronchitis, psoriasis, eczema and acne experience relief. Studies have shown that patients have been able to reduce the number of hospital visits and reduce the frequency of asthma and allergy attacks through regular use of salt therapy.

Salt Therapy Benefits

  • Reduces Inflammation of Airways
  • Soothes and Moisturizes The Skin
  • Purges Allergens and Pollutants From The Lungs
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Relieves Stress, Tension, Anxiety and Depression
  • Reduces Congestion of Head, Sinuses and Lungs
  • Aids In Expectoration

The Science Behind Halotherapy

Much like a salt cave, the high concentrations of salt in the air in our therapy room help our residents relax by reducing anxiety and tension while improving their overall wellness. 45 minute sessions are equal to 3-5 days spent at the lovely Oregon coast breathing the saltwater-laden air.

The therapeutic benefits of salt therapy lie in the way its experienced. Halotherapy is administered through a state-of-the-art halo-generator that produces micro-sized salt crystals dispersed into a vapor that's released into the therapy room. As our residents inhale the salt into their lungs, it decreases bronchial inflammation, clearing their airways and helping to fight infection.